A Name You Can Trust
We have been around a long time and as any of our past
clients can tell you, we deliver great service! Our staff will
make sure you have the best experience possible while
diving with PEPE SCUBA.
So drop in and see us on your next trip. We are located
here at the Coral Princess Hotel located on the oceanfront!

Diving In Cozumel, Mexico
The SCUBA diving in Cozumel is still great! So much to see and lots of reefs to dive on. Come on down and see what everyone talks about. Experience it for yourself !!
Take a load of photos and video while you are here so everyone back home can enjoy all the sites you had while diving here.

Snorkel Tours With Pepe Scuba Dive Shop
Maybe you do not dive but want to have all the great experiences as your scuba diving friends. Well we have just what you need. Our Snorkel Tours will get you in the right spots to see all the action! Come and Enjoy!
And we have a special price for you .....

Want To Learn To Dive ???

Not a diver? Want to be? Take a dive certification class with PEPE SCUBA while you are here.